| University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC)

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UCTC UPM is committed to offering social services to the community. It has intensified development activities that contribute to human development and discovery of knowledge through contact with industry and society. This is in line with the University’s objective to be a renowned Learning and Research Centre. Emphasis is given to agriculture and agricultural-based activities. Do contact us for more information:


For the implementation of the UPM's PTJ activities such as the implementation of activities with the target group (community and stakeholders), UCTC UPM offer advice and services in:


To expand the role of UPM's PTJ in the dissemination of knowledge and information to assist in the development of the industry and improve the standard of living of the community. UCTC UPM offers related grant schemes for the success of community / industry programs through the transfer of knowledge and development:


In order to ensure continuity and impact of community programs implemented by PTJ UPM UPM is a requirement PTJ provide planning activities (checklists), and made quarterly report in CRIS:

UCTC UPM has always maintained its responsibility towards the community and the stakeholder and safeguarded its strategic relationships for mutual benefit. It continuously offers meaningful contributions towards sustainable development, development of the people and the wealth of the nation. UCTC UPM is also actively involved in activities at the international level.Do contact us for more information:


UCTC UPM also offer advice and services in: