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Market UCTC Programme



UPM is famous for its farm produce and agricultural products, and always received overwhelming response from the local community .This evidenced by the involvement of UPM in MARKET UCTC, which organized by the Ministry of Education under the MOE UCTC (NBOS 8).

This program was carried out starting in March 2014 with the participation of only 5 entrepreneurs from UCTC and UPM guidance and graduates students UPM. This program was carried out on Friday once a month together with PUSPANITA KPM program. Until now, the number of entrepreneurs has increased over time and various UPM products have been sold as vegetable products of the farm (UPM students project), soap product research UPM, chicken Akar Putra and fruits (product from student incubation program), fresh chicken and quail eggs (graduates TRADEC13 UCTC), gourd (local entrepreneur), all-purpose flour (local entrepreneur), fresh juice (product from Faculty of Food Science and Technology), the services of the Faculty of Design and Architecture and more.

This program is coordinated by the University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) to identify potential products from UPM to be promoted and sold to the public, especially to the staff and personnel of the Ministry of Education in particular.

For the time being, other universities like UITM, UM, UKM and UMT also involved and promote their university-based product. This program is also a platform to help promote the products of UPM and entrepreneurs under the guidance of the university as well as helping entrepreneurs increase their income.

If there are any entrepreneurs or faculty interested in participating in this program, call the secretariat at 03-89471817 / 03-89471815 / 03-89471828.

Market UCTC (Powerpoint Presentation)

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